Update on the Diepsloot Youth Program Food Initiative

Just an update for everyone on the Diepsloot Youth Program Food a security Initiative : We are finished on the voucher delivery. We have some food parcel deliveries to finish off today and possibly Monday. In total we delivered 2017 vouchers and 27482 food parcels sponsored by Telesure Holdings 🌟and a further 2350 food parcels sponsored by Century property Developments, SA Rugby legends, Centriq insurance , Engen Crowthorne and many individuals. We have also assisted entrepreneurs and street vendors with stock to restart their businesses. We have also facilitated 5 soup kitchens operating in Diepsloot through the support of St Peters school, Col cacchios Nicolway, Century, Telesure Holdings and many individual supporters. Well done and thank you to the team!!!! And everyone who supported us! Tracy

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