The Diepsloot Food Parcel Programme

The Diepsloot Food Parcel Programme is well underway with an incredible key sponsor Telesure Investment Holdings putting their shoulder to the wheel.

The programme has so far reached over 19 000 families supplying them with food packs that will last a family of four for a month.

Many other volunteers and sponsors have come on board to help this motion and it has become an incredible community team effort.

Century Property Developments, Centriq and many other individuals giving time, money and resources are making this one of the most successful food parcel programmes in the country.

Whilst we all know a programme of feeding so many people cannot go on forever it is assisting those in need until South Africa is through the lockdown stages and people can return to work and earning a living.

This Food Parcel Pgm is all about emergency relief to those who need it. To go hungry for days on end is not something anyone should have to endure, let alone someone in our community.

The team of Diepsloot Youth Pgm staff and volunteers has been working extremely hard to ensure as many residents in Diepsloot who are in need of food get their food parcel in a safe and dignified way. Door to door delivery whilst challenging is working. We have mastered the process using local community leaders and residents and the team effort and camaraderie this project has built is awe inspiring.

I have never witnessed such trust between people and honest hard work to help one another.

The motley crew of delivery vehicles are all local residents and the DYP reps who accompany each vehicle to deliver food are just amazing in the way they conduct themselves and follow through with their deliveries. Many times delivering late to make sure their people on their list had food that evening.

The messages from residents old and young alike have been heart warming.
The DYP team and its volunteers are looking forward to being able to assist with food parcels for at least the next few weeks to ease the crisis we are facing at this time.

Thereafter we know we will need to switch to a new phase of helping our community rebuild and this we will do. We already have plans in the making for this!

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